Real Estate Investing 2.0

Capital Calls and RESCUE Capital

A guide to thriving during the coming real estate crash for real estate syndicators and accredited investors.

But It's Not For Everyone

Please understand that not everyone who reads this book is going to be successful during a downturn and thrive once the market recovers - because success means turning losses into gains and not everyone has the stomach for that.

          You'll discover how sponsors who do just this one thing well and yet still fail on a deal, come back to make fortunes for themselves and their investors when the market recovers.

          You're going to learn what successful sponsors do to raise the most money even when they have to issue capital calls for deals with capital shortfalls. 

          You'll find out how investors decide if an unplanned capital call is 
throwing good money after bad. 

          And you'll learn how to find opportunities by putting more money into deals you've already invested in or by investing in someone else's distressed deal - and coming out on top.

A framework for success during a downturn 

The real estate market comes in cycles and there are always downturns.

          But you no longer have to suffer through one to learn the lessons from them.  

          In this book you're going to be getting the benefits of hindsight based on my experience of two major downturns, the first (1990's Savings and Loan crisis) when I lost everything, and the second (2007+ Global Financial Crisis) when I sold out before the crash.

          You'll be learning from history so you don't have to repeat it.

          In fact, I start the book by showing you exactly why this downturn is to commercial real estate what the Global Financial Crisis was to residential and why it's The Big Short all over again.

          This is next-generation real estate syndication education that will put you on the winning side of the coming period of wealth transfer.

From Adam Gower Ph.d. 

Hello Fellow Investor, 

If you are facing capital calls on a deal, are thinking about taking on 'rescue' capital from third parties, or are just plain wanting an alternative way to make money in the coming commercial real estate market crash, then my latest book is for you. 

          Everything in the book is based on hard lessons learned from prior real estate recessions and is...

That said...

Please don't get the wrong impression.

          Although I don't want to sound like Dr. Doom, I am not suggesting that thriving in a downturn won't require you to make some tough decisions.

          While fortunes are made during recessions, these periods of the real estate cycle require exceptional risk mitigation so the gains you make are not offset by losses.

          It's easy to make money when the market is going up.

          All you need is a heartbeat and a down payment.

          But during downturns, some people (I hope not you) will face the possibility of taking losses on prior investments and in this book you'll learn how to turn them into the best returns possible, while minimizing losses.

           Yet, turning losses into gains, and finding exceptional investment opportunities requires hard work  and risk taking.

          And most of all you need experience...

And that's exactly what you're  getting 

This is the eighth book I've published and it is by far the most important and valuable to read because it shows you how to make money during a downturn.

          You only really know or appreciate the true risks in a deal when they are tested by adverse conditions and in this book I'll show you how to turn a high-risk, short term loser into a low-risk, long term winner. 

          And I’ve made the book easy to read. 

But It's MORE Than Just About Surviving a Downturn

You can use this book in many different ways. 

          For example, by following the guidance you get in the book, sponsors and  their investors are raising considerably more money during initial capital calls - eliminating the need for expensive, third party rescue capital. 

          Plus, savvy sponsors and investors are using the exact skills I discuss in the book to deepen their relationships so they can team up to take advantage of deeply discounted deal opportunities. 

          There's even a section where I show you exactly how other sponsors and their investors have agreed to raise more capital together when times get tough by using actual case studies.

          So, like I said, there’s really a lot more to this than just a survival guide for the current real estate recession - it's a roadmap for how to thrive today and when the market returns to normal. 

What are capital calls? Learn the difference between planned and unplanned capital calls and how to respond in both cases.

What is Rescue Capital? Discover how this kind of capital works, its terms and conditions, and the impact on limited partner investors.

How to maximize money raised in a capital call.  Doing just this one thing creates a win-win for a sponsor and their investors.

A proven way to survive the current downturn by preparing for the next upturn. Even if a deal doesn’t go so well, doing this will ensure long term success for everyone.

It’s the GFC all over again! Here’s why today is to commercial real estate what the GFC was to residential – and how to go long on the market while everyone else is going short.

Don’t just kick the can down the road. Here’s how to decide if your next investment is going to be a winner when the market recovers.

The 1 thing you should NEVER do. Many investors make this critical mistake yet it’s something that is so easy to fix.

You can only raise money for home runs? WRONG! Obviously it’s easier when a deal’s a steal, but by focusing on just this one thing can even make a modest deal a big winner for everyone.

Cash is King - except when it isn't. Here's the one thing that even beats cash.

Good money after bad? Some deals just won’t pencil. Learn what to look for to know which will work.

The three virtues for success. It’s going to be challenging to survive and thrive, but these are the three virtues you need - to be in the winner’s circle.

The 10 most common reasons for unplanned capital call. Unwrap the management vs. market differences between the different kinds of unplanned capital calls.

Learn from your mistakes.  We all make them - here's how to pivot immediately to make money from lessons learned the hard way.

NOW is the moment for wealth transfer – seize it!

Learn from other people’s mistakes.  Learn how to avoid other people's mistakes - and how to leverage them to your advantage.

What you should always do during a downturn. 
Eliminate the single biggest mistake most investors make by using these tactics.

Survival of the fittest. Learn how surviving the downside will make you stronger on the recovery.

The one big mistake almost every investor makes. Why almost every real estate investor makes this same mistake and how to easily avoid it.

How saying just this ONE THING can dramatically increase your returns during a downturn, 
while minimizing your risk.

The truth about ‘distressed real estate’ and why what everyone else says is plain wrong. Approach real estate this way instead and you’ll have the key to success.

The REAL way to align interests between general and limited partners. Times have changed; interests need realigning.

Integrity matters. Learn how to show it, prove it, and recognize it.

What happens if investors don’t invest in a capital call? Discover how an investment can be impacted if a capital call fails.

The rules for capital calls are easy to understand.  WRONG! See actual case studies so you can compare them with your own situation.

Eat a frog for breakfast - or get eaten by a shark for lunch!  Some decisions you make are going to be tough, but get through them and you'll build wealth like you never before imagined.

And much, much, more!

You're going to be covering a LOT of ground in this book.

          You're going to learn how to handle unplanned capital calls and protect your current deals.

          AND how to leverage what you learn to buy distressed deals at exactly the moment the market hits bottom and starts to climb again because we're heading into... 

A period of wealth transfer

I've seen this happen twice before during my career - during the Savings and Loan Crisis of the early 1990's and the Global Financial Crisis of 2007+ and this time is no different.

          You'll learn why commercial real estate prices are crashing (and it's NOT only about interest rates), what to look for, and how to get the exact resources and cash you need to become very wealthy. 

          Sure, it's going to be bad news for some people but when you realize why and how, you're also going to realize that if it isn't you who's going to pick up the pieces and make a killing, it'll be someone else. 

          It’s just the way real estate works. 

Claim Your Copy Now and be Ready to Take Advantage of the Great Real Estate Market Reset!

Thanks so much, for taking the time out to read all the way though this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


PS. Here are the highlights of everything I've got for you today: 

          I’m offering you a 120 page book that shows you how to make money during the coming  commercial real estate market crash.

          The book is $7.00. 

          I show you why today's commercial real estate downturn is EXACTLY like the Global Financial Crisis.

          And you'll learn everything you need to know about capital calls and rescue capital.

          Plus, you're getting a free BONUS video training  with me personally where I guide you through what you'll be learning in the book

          AND you're getting another 6-hour free BONUS training (value $997) from some of the top experts in the country on how to succeed during a downturn. 

          But don't wait. 

          Downturns require decisive action or you'll miss the opportunities.

          And my (real) agenda is that I hope the book and the bonuses will bring you some great value and will inspire you want to know more about what I do and want to work with me in the future. 

          Plus, I’m guaranteeing it anyway. 

          I want you to be totally satisfied with the book or I’ll give you the $7.00 back and you can even keep it; no need to return anything.

Here's What to Do Next

Click the 'Send me the Book' link at the bottom of this page.

          The ‘cost’ of this book is just $7.00 and I'll email you a link so you can read it immediately.

          It’s not ‘free’ because there are costs associated even with an eBook like this. Website hosting, Internet connections, and most costly is the advertising and promotion expense. 

          It’s hard to know exactly how much each book costs to deliver, but if it were a paper copy the cost of printing and postage would be $7.00 and so that’s how I figured the price.

          As soon as you place your order, you’ll get a confirmation email with a link to the book. 

You’ll be able to access it anywhere, anytime on any device; you won’t have to wait for ‘2-day shipping’ and you’ll be saving a tree into the bargain. 

BUT... time is short

The clock is ticking.

          What is in the headlines today about distressed real estate is barely even scratching the surface of what's coming.

          And just like all tsunamis, the wave of distressed real estate investment opportunities is going to come and go very quickly.

          PLUS, if you're looking at a capital call, hey, the bank is not going to wait for you to make a decision before foreclosing.

          Now is NOT the time to blink.

          It's the time to act decisively and prepare for the wave of opportunity that's headed our way.

          Besides, it's only $7 and, I admit it, my ulterior motive is that I want to so totally overdeliver for you and give you so much value that you'll want to work with me on bigger projects later.

          Which brings me to some bonuses I have for you...


You're also getting an advanced 42 minute training from me, personally. 

During this training, I walk you through how to thrive in the current market. 

          It's is actually a training I did for an exclusive private investor group that no-one outside of that group has ever seen before. 

   You’ll see exactly how we are working with investors to maximize the success of capital calls, PLUS how we're showing them where to find distressed deals to invest in. 

          I’ll show you how to build future wealth for yourself even, and especially, during downturns.

          Plus, you’ll learn why now is the best possible time you could be investing in real estate - and how to to get access to opportunities. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I want you to be completely happy with the book and with the free training I’m including, so I’ll return your $7.00 for any reason or for no reason and you can even keep the book and the bonuses. 

          Really.  You don’t even have to send anything back.  

          Just email me and I’ll return the $7.00 to you, no questions asked. 

This is probably be the only zero risk real estate investment you’ll ever make!

          Fair enough? 

          But do please keep in mind that time is of the essence, so don't wait.

Claim your copy now.  Zero risk; satisfaction guaranteed.

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Adam Gower 

Here are just a few more of the benefits you're getting:

     Plus you’re getting a detailed guide to how sponsors and their investors are working together to fight the Fed's interest hikes, by generating millions of dollars in additional capital while reducing risk and riding out the storm.

At just over 120 pages you can read it in just a couple of hours. 

DISCLAIMER: This message is for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as a recommendation, an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security. Neither Adam Gower nor GowerCrowd make any representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any information provided regarding specific investment opportunities and accepts no liability therefor. Real estate syndication investment opportunities, especially those in distressed assets, are speculative and involve substantial risk. You should not invest unless you can sustain the risk of loss of capital, including the risk of total loss of capital. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. GowerCrowd is not a registered broker-dealer, investment adviser or crowdfunding portal. Nothing on this page or in the book or on the GowerCrowd website or in any GowerCrowd materials no matter how delivered, should be construed to be legal, accounting, or financial advice. We recommend that you consult with a financial advisor, attorney, accountant, and any other professional that can help you to understand and assess the risks associated with any investment opportunity.  If you're not willing to accept any of these terms, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

As Seen In

          Learning how to invest in real estate is easy.

          Learning how to invest in real estate SUCCESSFULLY is not easy.

          Unfortunately, the best way to learn anything, is to learn from your mistakes.

          But when it comes to real estate investing, making mistakes means losing money and I don't want you to lose money.

          So I put this BONUS training together so you can also learn from other seasoned real estate professionals who have been through downturns and know what it takes to succeed.

          Learn from conversations with multi-cycle real estate attorneys and professionals how to thrive in a market downturn and come out ahead.

          When it first came out, this training was set at $997, but it is too important and too directly related to the topic of the book, that I want you to have it absolutely free as a bonus.

          Here's what you're getting...

Capital Calls and Rescue Capital Training

Next Generation Education for Real Estate Syndicators and Their Investors

Conversations with seasoned experts

Watch these short introductory videos below to discover more about who you will be learning from and what you will be learning about in these bonus trainings. 

Joe Blackbourn

Joe is a 25+ year veteran of the real estate industry investment side transactional experience well in excess of $2 billion.

His experience includes successful outcomes for many complex underwriting, capitalization, and asset management challenges, and has involved over 3 million square feet of office, 2,500+ hotel rooms, and over 7,500 dwelling units.

Peter Fischer Esq.

Peter is one of the foremost securities attorneys in the country, advising GowerCrowd and several of our clients as well as at least one of the top real estate crowdfunding platforms.

He represents investors, developers, investment funds, joint venture operators, sponsors, private equity firms, lenders, entrepreneurs, family offices, and other sophisticated clients.

Ethan Penner

Ethan Penner is the real estate legend who created the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) market for real estate finance, completely transforming the world of commercial real estate.

Before his current position as CEO of Mosaic Real Estate Investors, one of the largest CRE lenders in the country, Ethan was President of CBRE Capital Partners, successfully raising and managed over $600 million in equity. 

Mark Roderick Esq.

Mark is the Crowdfunding Attorney and was one of the first people in the industry to recognize the influence the 2012 JOBS Act would have on the real estate industry.

Mark writes a widely-read Crowdfunding blog and is a featured speaker at Crowdfunding and Fintech events across the country. Mark represents portals, issuers, and others across the country and around the world.

Dave Saxe

Dave is a multi-cycle real estate sponsor who has worked at some of the top institutional private equity companies in the country. 

Today he is Managing Principal at Calvera Partners, a hands-on real estate investment firm that acquires and repositions multifamily properties. Through its series of funds and individual acquisitions, Calvera has invested approximately $65 million of investor equity.

In BONUS 2, you are getting over 6-hours of advanced training, absolutely free, just for checking out my book.

         The training you're getting includes conversations with some of the top multi-cycle, real estate professionals and attorneys in the country, all of who have been through major downturns and understand how to navigate them. 

         You're going to learn best practices for surviving a downturn and you will gain the skills you need to succeed and thrive today and in the future. 


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Press play to watch the video

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Send Me The BookSend Me The BookSend Me The BookSend Me The BookSend Me The Book

Brian Underdahl

Brian is Chief Analytics Officer at Nuvo Capital Partners, an investment firm that works with family offices providing rescue capital to sponsors. 

In this Special Bonus, Real Estate Syndication 2.0, you are going to learn advanced real estate concepts so you can make better informed decisions when looking at distressed real estate  opportunities as well as at capital calls and rescue capital implications on a current deal.

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Topics include: What is a bridge loan? What is SOFR? How is SOFR used in multifamily real estate investing? What does a 'dislocation' in the market mean? How do rate-caps work? And a lot more...