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The Secret World of Real Estate and Crowdfunding

An introduction to a brand-new world of opportunity for investors and how the real estate game has changed for everyone.

And it's easy to read

Despite the sheer amount of information contained in the book, at only 85 (+/-) pages it's designed to be read in one sitting.

     Here are just some of the real estate secrets revealed in the book:

     * How crowdfunding has opened the world of real estate for everyone.
     * Not a gimmick or a fad, real estate crowdfunding is now mainstream.
     * How crowdfunding has changed real estate investing forever.
     * A shortcut to finding every real estate investment opportunity all in one place.
     * Yes, you really can invest in real estate without having to manage tenants.
     * How you can use the same tax strategies that have been benefiting the elite for generations.
     * How crowdfunding gives you access to distressed real estate bargains.
     * How to game the stock market even when it’s down.

     * Discover why the best hedge against inflation is real estate.
     * How real estate investing is now a level playing field for all.
     * Crowdfunding is just for startups and giveaways. WRONG!

     * How income from real estate is protected by law.

     * Why real estate is a hedge against stock market volatility.

     * The magic of taking on debt without being liable to pay a penny of it back.
     * How to multiply your investment returns without increasing your risk.
   * The crazy tax breaks you can get from real estate.
      * Already investing in real estate as a limited partner? It’s time to start looking for more…
     * How you can tap into the most secure deals in the country.
    * Want to pay no capital gains tax? Hello, real estate crowdfunding!

     * Revealed: Where to find discounted real estate.
     * Get ready to invest in bargains during the next great wealth transfer event.
     * Legally spy on sponsors before you invest a dime or spend one minute with them.

     * An amazing trick for piggy backing institutional quality deal due diligence.

     * How to find great deals without ever being pitched again.

     * Want to replace your hard earned income with passive income?

     * You need to a huge down payment to invest in real estate? WRONG!

     * A legal way to profit from insider trading.

And much, much, more!

From Adam Gower Ph.d. 

Hello Friend, 

For centuries, elite barons and institutions have pooled funds to buy, manage and then sell large commercial real estate properties, accumulating income and vast wealth along the way. 

          A prosperous endeavor indeed but limited to the few.

          Hidden behind closed doors until now, the unique income and wealth generating benefits of real estate investing are finally within easy reach of everyone, and in this book you will learn how you can access them too.

The truth behind real estate investing

•Hidden Secret #1: how to beat the stock market with real estate investing (page 24).
•Hidden Secret #2: Why demand for real estate is eternal and just keeps on growing every day (page 27).
•Hidden Secret #3: Get paid rent from tenants in buildings you never even have to visit (page28).
•Hidden Secret #4: Discover how your right to passive income is protected by law (page 30).
•Hidden Secret #5: How to use the bank’s money to get rich without ever signing on a loan (page 34).
•Hidden Secret #6: Now it’s your turn to get the tax breaks you deserve (Page 36).

The book exposes the unfair advantages the elite few have had for generations and reveals the way crowdfunding has totally changed the industry.

          The benefits of real estate investing that have been unfairly distributed to only those with connections and money are now open and available to everyone.

          But not only that, real estate crowdfunding has cracked open hidden mysteries that even the privileged few did not know about and that make it an investor's dream come true.

If you have ever had any doubts about the power of real estate investing to secure your financial future this book will change your mind.

          For over 30 years, I have been investing in real estate.

          I’ve worked for private equity funds, major institutions, and on my own account. I’ve been privy to all the benefits and secrets and could never have imagined how open the industry would become.

          This is a way to invest in real estate that has never been possible before.

Crowdfunding has come to real estate investing like never before and is blowing apart the old, secretive world that only the privileged few could enjoy and opening it up to everyone.

Benefits hidden behind closed doors are now revealed for the first time.

          Wealth building and income generation from America’s real estate money machine is no longer only available to the elite classes.

          New benefits no-one has ever enjoyed before are now fully accessible to everyone, levelling the playing field for the first time in history.

          You can replace your income with passive income from real estate.

 You can build wealth that you can use for retirement.
          You can leave money to your children.

I have been a real estate investor my entire life.

          My family before me invested in real estate.

          I've made and lost and made fortunes (again) in real estate, and I am a pragmatist who knows how powerful it can be.

          In this book, I share the lessons I have learned throughout my lengthy career, with you.

          There is a LOT of information on the web today about 'how to invest in real estate,' and most of those really mean 'how to invest in "my" real estate' as their writers pitch investments in their deals to you.

          This book is different.

         You're not going to be pitched an investment in any deals.

          I am NOT pitching a deal or inviting you to invest in a deal - or in real estate at all for that matter.

          What you're getting is strictly educational.

          It is written for serious individuals who want to learn more about real estate investing.

          Yet you still get access to every deal on the market.

          Completely without any kind of sales pitch from me.

Change your financial fortunes forever 

Claim Your Copy Now 

Thanks so much for taking the time out to read all the way through this letter, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

There has never been a better time to invest in real estate

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  It’s not ‘free’ because there are costs associated even with an eBook like this. Website hosting, Internet connections, and most costly is the advertising and promotion expense. 

          It’s hard to know exactly how much each book costs to deliver, but if it were a hard copy the cost of postage would be $7.00, and so that’s how I figured the price. 

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     Now, in case you’re wondering, yes there is a…

BONUS: You're Also Getting an Advanced 78 Minute Training, Free

During this training, I personally walk you everything we cover in the book and explain how you can use it TODAY.

You’ll see why real estate has been the chosen asset class for wealth and passive income generation for decades and how you can access it today.

          I’ll show you how you can use this information to find every deal on the market in America.

          Plus, you’ll have access to a seemingly endless supply of deals to look at without any annoying 'invest now' pitch from me. 

           And there is absolutely no charge for this.  It’s my gift to you for checking out the book. 

          And yes, before you even ask. 

          I am so confident you’ll love the book you’re also getting a 100% money-back guarantee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I want you to be completely happy with the book and with the free training I’m including, so I’ll return your $7.00 for any reason or for no reason and you can even keep the book and the video training anyway. 

          Really.  You don’t even have to send anything back.  

          Just email me and I’ll return the $7.00 to you, no questions asked.

This is probably be the only zero risk real estate investment you’ll ever make!

          Fair enough?

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As Seen In

This book is different

          This book is written by an investor (me) for other investors who want to build their wealth, replace their salary with passive income, learn another way to pay for their retirement, create a financial legacy for their children, diversify away from stocks, or simply just to discover why real estate has been the chosen investment of the elite for so long.

          And if, like me, you are interested in investing in real estate, but are cautious, risk averse, and want all the information before you make a decision...

          ...then that's what you're getting here.

          The Secret World of Real Estate and Crowfunding is a roadmap to discovering how real estate can change your financial fortunes, why you should consider real estate as an option, and provides unlimited resources for making prudent, well-conceived decisions so you can achieve your financial dreams.

Written by an investor for investors

Brand-new benefit #1: Reduce risk and maximize returns like never before possible (page 55).

Brand-new benefit #2: Access to distressed real estate bargains (page 57).

Brand-new benefit #3: Ethically spy on sponsors without being seen (in a totally non-creepy way of course :) (page 64).

Brand-new benefit #4: Piggyback billionaire investments (page 65).

Brand-new benefit #5: Learn how to tell if you are getting a fair deal (page 67).

Brand-new benefit #6: Legally trade on insider information (page 69).

Here's what you're getting

For decades Americans have paid rent, bought homes, signed leases, stayed in hotels, gone shopping and lived their lives spending money so the real estate millionaires could get richer.
         But how did that happen?

          What is the magical power of real estate like no other investment that has historically brought so much wealth to so few people?

Here's what you'll learn about how the rich got richer and how you can too now through crowdfunding:

6 Hidden Secrets

6 Brand-new Benefits

PS. If, like me, you prefer to jump to the end of pages like this so you can get straight to the point and make a quick decision, then here it is:

          You’re getting you an 85 (+/-) page book that you can read in an hour or so that shows you how crowdfunding has transformed real estate investing so that you can passively build wealth and earn income like never before.

The book is just $7.00. 

         Before crowdfunding was legalized real estate was the exclusive domain of the rich and privileged but now you have access too.

          There are 6 hidden secrets that real estate investing has kept behind closed doors that are now open for all to see and are covered in detail in the book.

          And there are 6 brand-new benefits that crowdfunding brings to real estate investing and that are revealed in the book.

          You're also going to get access to:

1. Every crowdfunded deal on the market.
2. Deal memos on hundreds of opportunities.

3. Exclusive access to special investment opportunities.
4. Latest industry news and updates.

5. Advanced educational resources so you can make wise investment decisions.
6. A community of like-minded real estate investors to share insights and experience.

7. And a whole lot more…

          This book is the mother lode of all information about real estate crowdfunding and contains resources you can use to access everything you need to make prudent, well considered investment decisions for you and your family – no matter how much or how little you know about real estate today.

Plus, you’re also getting a 78 minute free video training where I personally guide you through everything you will learn in the book – in detail. 

          And there’s no catch or gimmicks. Just a straight up, high value book that reveals everything you need to know about real estate investing, why it’s been the favored investment asset of the privileged few for so long, and how you can now benefit too.

          I truly hope that whatever your background, you will learn something new and of value about this brand-new world of real estate crowdfunding and that it will inspire you want to know more about the work we do here at GowerCrowd and maybe want to learn more from me in the future.

          Plus, I guarantee you’ll like the book and if you don’t, I’ll give you the $7.00 back and you can even keep the book and the training and there's no need to return anything.