New Book Reveals

The Reality of Distressed Real Estate

...The hard truth about distressed real estate, what it is and how to profit from it

But It's Not For Everyone

Please understand that exceptional discounted distressed commercial real estate deals are hard to come by. They can be complicated, and require patience and fast due-diligence without comprising risk mitigation. 

     What you'll also be getting is access to off-market opportunities  sourced by seasoned, multi-cycle sponsors who are very conservative in their underwriting.

     Understanding the nuances of how to successfully invest in this kind of real estate is crucial. Distressed real estate is distressed for a reason and finding hidden problems requires 
specialized skills, knowledge, and experience. 

     In my work at one of the largest regional banks headquartered in California and subsequently for one of the top private equity  real estate shops in the world, I've seen every possible way a deal can go wrong.

     I am going to show you exactly what to look for and 
how to access deals as they become available for investment.

...How to Gain Access Discounted Investment Opportunities

But before we get started, please note the following. 

     This is not a book about how to buy foreclosure fix-and-flip single family homes on the cheap, nor is it your usual 'earn a 23% IRR with an 8% pref. in 3 years investing in value-add multifamily' type deals.

     This is a completely different way to invest in commercial real estate. 

     You are going to learn all about how to invest in distressed commercial real estate and is based on my experience working on over $7 billion of distressed real estate during the last downturn, and my personal network of thousands of sponsors all out there looking for deals and who need investors like you.

From Adam Gower Ph.d. 

Hello Friend, 

If you've been watching the commercial real estate market go into a tailspin in the last few months and would like to invest in some of the discounted deals you are reading about, then my new book will be the most important book you will read this year. 

     You are going to learn how you can profit from this downturn in a way you have never been able to before because I'm going to show you exactly... 


I am not making any promises. 

     Finding discounted distressed investment opportunities is very difficult. 

     For the last ten years, here at GowerCrowd (my company) we have been working with some of the top sponsors in the country, helping them raise equity capital from accredited investors. 

     But even having this network of sponsors all out there looking for off-market investment opportunities is no guarantee that they'll find any, or that they'll need individual investor capital when then do (there is a LOT of money chasing these deals at the moment). 

      Even if I cannot bring deals to you (though I am confident I will) what you'll learn in this book will help you recognize good opportunities no matter where you find them, and will give you the tools you need to maximize your returns while staying focused on minimizing risk.

     This book isn’t a guide to sourcing deals yourself (although I also show you how to do that), it is a guide to learning what distressed real estate is so you know what you are looking at when an experienced sponsor invites you to invest with them as a limited partner. 

     Investing in discounted distressed real estate can be incredibly lucrative but it is not for the faint of heart. You need to have patience to wait for the right deal and be willing and able to act quickly when you see one you like.

     Still interested? 

     Good. Then let's get right into it...

Here's What You're Getting

This is the seventh book I’ve published and is different from all the others because this is the first time I am sharing my knowledge and insights of 'distress' from over 35 years of investing in commercial real estate and from having lived through two major commercial real estate crashes. 

     It is by far the most important because you're getting what any investor who has never seen a downturn before does not have: Experience and access to off-market deal flow. 

     I start the book by looking at the lessons learned from prior downturns and how those lessons tell you what to look for this time. 

     And I’ve made the book easy to read. 


     You’re getting an insider's guide to exactly what makes a deal distressed, what kind of investments are available to you, where to find discounted deals, and direct access to my own personal pipeline of opportunities.

And We Are Already Seeing Off-Market Deal Flow

Our network of sponsors has started to show us deals they are finding that are off-market.

     In fact, the best discounted opportunities are almost always off-market (and so are difficult to find) because sellers, especially banks worried about deposit runs, don't like everyone to know they are having difficulties.

     For example, one sponsor in our network told us he was looking at a 200+ unit apartment building where the bank had asked him to take over the property from the current ownership.

     The sponsor who bought the deal has never once visited the property in the three years they have owned it, vacancies are high, delinquent rents are mounting, and there is a lot of deferred maintenance.

     The bank just wants a seasoned sponsor to come in, replace the current ownership, and keep the loan current.

     In another deal we've seen, a bank brought us the opportunity to buy the note on an empty , Class A office building. 

     The building had been purchased by a major private equity shop four years ago for over $100 million, the single tenant had vacated, the debt on the deal was over $60 million, but our sponsor-partner's underwriting showed the current value to be only around $30 million.

     The bank is unwilling to sell the note at such a steep discount (yet) - but it's just a matter of time before these kinds of deal break loose and the bid-ask spread closes.

     And we are seeing smaller scale deals too, like an entitled land deal (land gets especially hard-hit during downturns ), and a four-plex where ownership had floating rate debt and now their mortgage payments are way more than the rents they are getting.

     So, like I said, you'll learn how deals get to be distressed, but you'll also be gaining access to off-market discounted real deal flow when we see deals we like.

Why this time really is different.  Discover the biggest difference between the last downturn and this and how you can profit.

Learn why banks MUST sell their real estate assets at a loss. Here's how to profit when banks have no choice but to sell their real estate assets at deep discounts. 

Learn how to supercharge your search for discounted deals by 1,000x. Don’t waste your time looking for deals; sit back and let others bring them to you! 

Where to find sponsors with access to great deals. There are a LOT of pros out there looking for deals. Here's how to access them. 

How to get sponsors coming to you with their off-market deals. Wouldn’t that be nice! Seasoned sponsors knocking on your door showing you the deals they've found.

You need to build a network of contacts to find discounted deals. WRONG!  You're getting access to one of the biggest resources in the industry for finding deals. 

Learn how to predict the perfect time to invest. Real estate markets run like clockwork, predictable to those in the know.

You need to have great contacts at banks to buy their distressed deals. WRONG!  You'll get access to the best deals delivered right to your inbox.. 

How having too much money can lead to outsized problems. Learn how the government is to blame for the mess we're in (and how you can profit as a result).

You can't have too much, and you can't have too little. Why money is the root of all problems in real estate (and how to grow yours to make you rich). 

How a rise in interest rates can wipe out OPM (Other People's Money).  And how you can pick up the pieces to save a deal and make money for yourself.

A wealth transfer period is coming your way. Learn everything you need to know about distressed real estate so you are on the right side of the wealth transfer equation.

Learn the only ONE form of distress that really exists.  Don't let people tell you there are all kinds of distress: There's only one, and here's how to recognize it. 

Discover how to buy discounted real estate by becoming a lender without making a loan. This little known way to get to distressed real estate can get you access to crazy discounts.

'You only know who's swimming naked when the tide goes out' - Warren Buffett. Lots of folk were buying deals they never should have during the good times. Now it's time to reap the harvest from their mistakes.

Learn why buying real estate with super-low interest rates was a bad idea. And learn why the time to buy is now.

Learn why a 'cash-in' refinance is bad for them, and great for you.  You've heard of a cash-out refi.  Here's how to make money with a cash-in refi.

The one big mistake almost every inexperienced sponsor makes. Why almost all newbies to real estate make this same mistake and how to make money from their missteps.

The ONE thing that kills a deal. At the end of the day, there's only one thing that makes a deal distressed.

'When you have free money for 11 years, people do really stupid things' - Billionaire, Stan Druckenmiller. Super low interest rates created a real estate bubble that is bursting. Here's how to make money even (especially) when rates are high.

Why it doesn’t matter if you already lost money in a deal gone bad. (Truly sorry if you have). Learn how to take two steps forward for that one step back without putting good money after bad.

Be sure not to 'catch a falling sword.' Even a distressed deal that looks great at first can be a problem if you get the timing wrong.

Rescue capital - the only form of capital that sometimes rescues nothing – but can make you a fortune if you play it right. 

And much, much, more!

Yes... There's a lot to learn about discounted distressed real estate investing and you're getting a full download of everything you need to know. 

     But that’s not all because you’re also getting…  

Direct Access to Discounted Distressed Deals You Can Invest In

It's not easy to find these types of discounts for two reasons: 

     One, there are countless billions of dollars of dry powder sitting on the sidelines waiting for good deals to come along so it's very competitive, 

     and two, because Sellers are often nervous of letting people know they're in distress so deals are often hidden from view.

     At end of this book, your getting a complete guide for how to find discounted distressed deals using the tactics, techniques, and resources seasoned, professional sponsors use.


And, you know what? 

     You've NEVER HAD ACCESS LIKE THIS BEFORE because in prior downturns, it was prohibited for sponsors to bring you deals but this time, by having this book you're getting full access! 

     Seriously. Access like you're getting was only made legal by the 2012 JOBS Act which opened up online syndication (aka 'crowdfunding') to accredited investors and there has never been a downturn since then until now.

     Plus, by joining our waitlist (you're automatically added when you get the book), you're going to...

1,000x Your Discounted Deal Flow

     I know.

     Sounds a bit hypey doesn't it, '1,000x your deal flow'.

     But here's what I mean (and why it's way more than just 1,000x).

     For the last ten years, I've been teaching sponsors best-practices for syndicating their projects online.

     Sponsors only come to me for one reason: Because they want to raise more capital from accredited investors.

     But now they are on the hunt for discounted distressed deals.

     And they still need accredited investor partners to invest alongside them.

     Now, I'm not going to pretend to be 100% certain any of them will bring anything worth looking at (most of what I've seen so far is cr*p - if you'll pardon the expression).

     But the deal quality is getting better and as this downturn gets longer, the greater the chance that exactly the right kind of deal is going to start showing up. 

     It’s just the way it works. 

     To win at the game of distressed real estate, you've got to have patience, the willingness to pass on deals others are too willing to rush into, and then the ability to act decisively when a winner comes along.

This Truly is a Limited Time Offer 

So claim your copy now before the window of opportunity closes

Thanks so much, for taking the time out to read all the way though this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


PS. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably scanned all the way down to the bottom of this page to get to the punch line as quickly as possible. 

     Well here it is. 

     I’m offering you a 75 page book that outlines a formula for how to find and invest in discounted distress real estate opportunities. 

     The book is $7.00. 

     I’m walking you through exactly what multi-cycle, seasoned professional sponsors are looking for, how they invest, and the resources they use to find off-market deals. 

     Plus, you get added to the waitlist for deals I am personally sourcing and you'll be among the first to know when we find deals worth investing in. 

     In fact, it is a complete guide to distressed real estate investing with everything you need to know a good deal when you see it, and to have access to opportunity like has never before been available during a downturn like this. 

Plus, I’m also including a 56 minute free video training for you where I personally guide you through everything I show you in the book – in detail. 

But time is limited because the window of opportunity to benefit from the coming wealth transfer period is going to open and close quickly. 

     There’s no catch here. Just a straight up, detailed, high value book that I hope will show you the benefits of investing in distressed real estate and will inspire you want to learn more as the market unfolds in the months ahead. 

     Plus, I’m guaranteeing it anyway. I want you to be totally satisfied with the book and the bonus video training or I’ll give you the $7.00 back and you can even keep them both; no need to return anything.

Here's What to Do Next

Click the 'Send me the Book' link at the bottom of this page.

     The ‘cost’ of this book is just $7.00 and you’ll get it instantly to download. 

     It’s not ‘free’ because there are costs associated even with an eBook like this. Website hosting, Internet connections, and most costly is the advertising and promotion expense. 

     It’s hard to know exactly how much each book costs to deliver, but if it were a hard copy the cost of postage would be $7.00 (plus postage) and so that’s how I figured the price. 

     As soon as you place your order, you’ll be immediately redirected to a download AND you’ll also get a confirmation email with a link to the book. 

You’ll be able to access it anywhere, anytime on any device; you won’t have to wait for ‘2-day shipping’ and you’ll be saving a tree into the bargain. 

     Now, in case you’re wondering…


I know.  You’ve either found this book through an advertisement online or because I sent you an email and, heck, it’s only to be expected that there’s more to it than meets the eye. 

     I mean, how could anything as useful as contained in the book possibly cost so little. 

     Well it really does - it's as simple as that. 

     Fact is, this may be your first impression of me  and so I truly want to make it a good one by demonstrating real value not just by showing you by actually delivering value to you.

     My hope is that you’ll love the book, get enormous value out of it (I do share everything I've learned from handling billions of dollars of distressed real estate for banks and private equity firms) and that it will open the doors to investing together in some great deals, but...

Time Is Of The Essence

Everything I show you and everything you’re getting in the book is based on what I've seen before during downturns and I really do have an incredible network of sponsors all out there trawling for discounted deals. 

     But when a great deal that checks all the boxes shows up, you're going to have to move with incredible speed to beat out all the other investors out there also looking for discounts on commercial real estate investments. 

     And, personally, I've been watching as prices for good real estate started to make no sense at all as interest rates stayed so low for so long, and I've been waiting for a correction for years - there always is one - and now is one of those times.

     But the opportunity isn't going to last long.

     The window of opportunity is slowly opening but it will close quickly - and if the Fed starts reducing interest rates all that money on the sidelines will jump in and the window will close.

     And don’t worry – I’m not going to call you or bug you.  That’s just not my style. 

     Oh, and one more thing...

BONUS: You're Also Getting an Advanced 56 Minute Training, Free

During this training, I personally walk you through exactly what a distressed deal looks like, how deals get distressed, and how to find them. 

You’ll see exactly how debt can be a killer to deals, why banks sell real estate assets at a discount, what kinds of rescue capital there is you can invest in and how to get on a waitlist for opportunities.

     I’ll even show you a bunch of ways the pros are sourcing deals so you can source them yourself.

     Plus, you’ll learn how to get to discounted real estate by buying commercial real estate collateralized loans from banks. 

      And there is absolutely no charge for this bonus.  It’s my gift to you for checking out the book. 

     And yes, before you even ask. 

     I am so confident you’ll love the book you’re also getting a 100% money-back guarantee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I want you to be completely happy with the book and with the free training I’m including, so I’ll return your $7.00 for any reason or for no reason and you can even keep the book and the video training anyway. 

     Really.  You don’t even have to send anything back.  

     Just email me and I’ll return the $7.00 to you, no questions asked. 

This is probably be the only zero risk real estate investment you’ll ever make!

     Fair enough? 

     But do please keep in mind that time is of the essence, so don't wait.

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Claim your copy now.  Zero risk; satisfaction guaranteed.

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Here are just a few more of the benefits you're getting:

PLUS, your also getting on the waitlist for syndicated deals I am personally sourcing.

     Plus, you’ll learn how to cut through all the hype you're seeing in the news, so you can recognize the real opportunities when  you see them.

At only 75 pages you can read it in just a couple of hours.

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