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Real Estate Crowdfunding

How a brand-new way to finance real estate has become mainstream,

and what you can do to benefit. 

And It's For Everyone 

This book is for you no matter what your interest in real estate, whether you are a (an):

  • Investor looking for opportunities.
  • Sponsor looking for investors.
  • Service provider to the industry.
  • Accountant, lawyer, or other professional.
  • Crowdfunding marketplace professional.
  • Journalist.
  • Real estate consultant.
  • Agent or broker.

     If you have any interest at all in real estate, know as much as there is to know about crowdfunding, or know nothing, this book is for you.

     If you have heard of crowdfunding but think it's a gimmick of some sort, this book will utterly dispel that myth.

     If you have already embraced crowdfunding as an investor or sponsor, this book will reinforce your confidence and foresight in being one of the first to adopt this new source of finance.

From Adam Gower Ph.d. 

Hello Friend, 

Real estate crowdfunding is no longer in its early stages of development and in my new book I show how it has become mainstream in real estate finance and how you can benefit from it today.

          Revealing hidden secrets never before seen, you're going to see how this new way to finance real estate has become a force to be reckoned with... 

Here's What You're Getting 

Based on our analysis of over 18,000 real estate projects financed over the last seven years, UNLEASHED reveals the truth behind real estate crowdfunding and how it has become an influential force in real estate finance.

          Until crowdfunding was legalized again in 2012, real estate investing was restricted by the unintended consequences of legislation passed a long time ago to exclusive groups of wealthy individuals across the country who shared little, if any, information among them.

          When the JOBS Act was passed in 2012 permitting open marketing of projects for investment, real estate crowdfunding was born and with it came the opening up of the private equity real estate world for all to see.

          No longer 'private,' the hidden world of real estate investing has been revealed and in UNLEASHED you get the most detailed review of the state of real estate industry finance ever written.

          This is the fifth book I’ve published and is by far the most detailed and information packed of all of them. 

     And I’ve made the book easy to read. 

Here are just some of the real estate secrets revealed in book: 

     * A surprising trick to finding every real estate deal on the market in one place.

     * A rare insight into how crowdfunding has grown from startup to mainstream.

     * America's most active real estate investing states.

     * Is  the end of the traditional way of raising real estate capital?

     * How crowdfunding has opened the world of real estate for everyone.

     * Real Estate Crowdfunding: sideshow or powerhouse?

     * How real estate finance has changed forever.

     * Why crowdfunding real estate is recession resilient.

     * Which crowdfunding platform has emerged to be the market leader.

     * The truth about real estate investing.

     * How crowdfunding dominated real estate finance during COVID.

     * What the rich have always known.

     * Why this Is the new age of real estate investing.

How to find every real estate deal on the market. 

Why crowdfunding is the biggest change to effect real estate finance in over 90 years. 

Which States have the most crowdfunded opportunities - and which the least.

How to hack social media to find investment opportunities.

How crowdfunding ate traditional real estate finance for lunch during the pandemic.

TODAY: Cut through the clutter and use Facebook for business without all those annoying personal posts.

Crowdfunding is just for startups? Wrong! 

Why traditional ways of raising capital in person for real estate is over.

Revealed! The total size of the real estate crowdfunding market.

Why using social media for business is the best way to find investment opportunities. 

Which State has been the fastest to adopt real estate crowdfunding.

TODAY! Where to get the contact info for every real estate company raising money.

The true story of real estate crowdfunding.

How to unwrap the power of social media to raise more money.

When it’s OK to use Facebook to find real estate deals to invest in.

An amazing trick for hacking Facebook to find opportunities.

Why you never need sit through a two hour pitch meeting again.

Say goodbye to randomly searching for real estate investment opportunities.

How to find real estate investments where the sponsor wants you to invest, but doesn't know how to find you.

The truth about social media and why what everyone else is doing is plain wrong. 

Why it doesn’t matter how old you are or how used you are to investing in real estate the ‘old way.’ 

You need to have millions to invest in private equity real estate? WRONG!

How secrets once hidden behind closed doors are now visible for all to see.

What is the real difference between traditional private equity real estate  and crowdfunding.

How to crowdfund your deal without upsetting existing investors (by asking them for their tax returns).

And much, much, more!

I've also included a series of easy to read charts so you can see how crowdfunding has grown and where you can find opportunities.

All of my previous books have been guides either for real estate sponsors to show them how to raise more money for their projects online, or for investors so they can learn how to invest wisely to build wealth and earn passive income in crowdfunded deals.

          This book is different.

          I frequently hear sponsors and investors say that crowdfunding is a 'fad' or too small and unconventional to be trusted.

          But I could see something very different was happening in the world of real estate crowdfunding and so I set about to quantify that.

          I wanted to move away from 'anecdotal' evidence of the growth of this industry and put some real numbers together to prove that crowdfunding was a legitimate alternative to traditional (in-person) capital sources so, using data never accessed before for this purpose, I did some detailed analysis.

          The results of that analysis are the main thrust of the book, and you also get a step by step guide to finding the same information from the same sources I used.

          If you have ever had any doubts about the power of real estate crowdfunding - or even the term 'crowdfunding' - you will be blown away by this book.

A State of the Industry Review - in Charts

The barriers to entering the real estate investing world have been removed and using information that has been locked away for generations, we've assembled a detailed analysis of the entire real estate crowdfunding world.

Here's a list of our charts and what you'll learn from them:

  • The total amount raised each year since 2012 for private equity real estate  (Chart #1)

  • The total number of deals using traditional finance methods vs. crowdfunding each year (Chart #2)

  • The number of sponsors raising money using traditional methods vs. crowdfunding (Chart #3)

  • How money invested in real estate crowdfunded deals increased when traditional sources dried up (Chart #4) 

  • That the number of crowdfunded deals INCREASED during the pandemic while those funded by traditional means DECREASED (Chart #4)

  • The extraordinary growth in capital raised since crowdfunding was legalized in 2012 (Chart #5)

  • How more real estate projects of every size, large, medium, and small, are turning to crowdfunding to raise capital (Chart #6)

  • The impact of the pandemic on real estate finance (Chart #7)

  • How real estate crowdfunding performed during the pandemic (and is leading the way out of the downturn) (Chart #8)

  • Which real estate crowdfunding platform is dominating the industry (Chart #9)

  • The percentage of crowdfunded deals as a total of the entire private equity real estate industry (Chart #10)

  • Which States are the crowdfunding champions? (Chart #11)

  • The top States by total capital raised using crowdfunding since 2012 (Chart #12)

  • Discover which states have been the fastest to adopt crowdfunding for real estate (chart #13)

This is a Truly Groundbreaking Book 

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PS. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably scanned all the way down to the bottom of this page to get to the punch line as quickly as possible. 

          Well here it is. 

          I’m offering you an 83 page book that shows you how crowdfunding has completely revolutionized real estate finance and blow away the myth that it is nothing but a sideshow.

          The book is $7.00. 

         Using over one million data points and our proprietary analytics, you'll learn how crowdfunding has come of age and is now a rapidly growing force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry. 

          Through a series of easy to read charts, you'll learn how much is being raised nationwide, and by individual states, and you'll discover why crowdfunding has proven itself to be recession resilient - one of the most attractive features of anything in real estate. 

          You're also going to learn how to find every real estate deal raising money all in one location, how to hack social media to find a seemingly endless list of opportunities, AND you'll learn how to identify every deal out there that would LOVE you to invest - but doesn't know how to find you. 

          This book is the mother lode of all information about real estate crowdfunding and contains resources you can use to access everything you need to be a leading authority on real estate crowdfunding - no matter what your interest or role in the real estate industry.

Plus, I’m also including a 27 minute free video training for you where I guide you through everything you will learn in the book – in detail. 

          And there’s no catch or gimmicks. Just a straight up, high value book based on exhaustive research that I hope will bring you some fascinating insights into this brand new world of real estate crowdfunding and will inspire you want to know more about the work we do here at GowerCrowd and maybe want to learn more from me in the future. 

          Plus, I’m guaranteeing it anyway. I want you to be totally satisfied with the book and the video training or I’ll give you the $7.00 back and you can even keep them both; no need to return anything.

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          It’s hard to know exactly how much each book costs to deliver, but if it were a hard copy the cost of postage would be $7.00 and so that’s how I figured the price. 

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You’ll see exactly how crowdfunding has risen to be the fastest growing finance alternative for both sponsors and investors.

          I’ll show you how you can use this information to raise more capital if you are a sponsor and I show investors where you can find every deal on the market in America.

          Plus, you’ll learn how hack Facebook to find unlimited deal flow. 

           And there is absolutely no charge for this.  It’s my gift to you for checking out the book. 

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          I am so confident you’ll love the book you’re also getting a 100% money-back guarantee.

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I want you to be completely happy with the book and with the free training I’m including, so I’ll return your $7.00 for any reason or for no reason and you can even keep the book and the video training anyway. 

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          Just email me and I’ll return the $7.00 to you, no questions asked. 

This is probably be the only zero risk real estate investment you’ll ever make!

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Here's more of what you'll be learning:

At only 83 pages you can read it in just a couple of hours.

DISCLAIMER: Any sales figures stated above or in the book are either my own, my clients, or those of third parties. Please understand these results are not typical and under no circumstances am I suggesting you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have been of practicing commercial real estate for over 30 years and have considerable experience in real estate finance, investment and development, and nearly ten years in content marketing. The average person who buys any how-to information gets little to no results. I am using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, work ethic, and the quality of the deals you are working on and the terms you offer investors. Nothing on this page in the book on my website or in any work of mine should be construed as being legal, tax, or investing advice. You must hire your own professional advisors before attempting to raise money online or in-person. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept any of these terms, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

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Why this book is different


Thorough, Definitive, Newsworthy

You’re getting a groundbreaking study of the revolutionary changes occurring in real estate finance that directly effect how to invest in and raise money for real estate projects of any kind. 

          Plus, I'm also giving you a practical walkthrough of how to access the exact same data we used  to conduct our analysis so you can find every opportunity all in one place.

At only 83 pages you can read it in just a couple of hours.