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Why Grocery Anchored CRE belongs in Every Investor's Portfolio


Sam Perrelli  |  VP Relationship Manager    
First National Realty Partners

Sam Perrelli works with FNRP as Relationship Manager – Investor Relations. Mr. Perrelli has been with the firm for almost 3 years in the IR department and has 5+ years of experience in the Finance & Real Estate Industry. Prior to joining FNRP, Sam worked on various redevelopment projects with the Kislak Real Estate Institution, where his focus was financial modeling, and in residential real estate, where his focus was working with buyers to identify investment opportunities throughout Monmouth County, NJ.



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Drew Carpenter

Managing Director

First National Realty Partners


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Discover the benefits of investing in grocery anchored commercial real estate

The anchor tenants of a commercial real estate property are one of the most important factors of an investment opportunity. Strong anchor tenants come with a number of benefits like lower credit risk, higher foot traffic, and the ability to attract other tenants to the property.
When it comes to consistent cash flow and value-add potential, grocery anchors stand above the rest. Everyone has got to eat...and where there's food, there's foot traffic...and where there's foot traffic, there are high-credit national-brand tenants...and where there are national tenants...you'll find INCOME!

That's the basis for investing in grocery-anchored CRE.  But there's so much more.... Here's what you'll learn on our webinar:

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Drew Carpenter   |  Managing director  
First National Realty Partners 

Drew Carpenter is a managing director at FNRP and has been involved in real estate and equity investing for nearly two decades across a broad range of asset classes. 

His experience ranges from single-family value add investing and short-term rentals, multifamily, and grocery-anchored value add CRE with FNRP. 

Based in Denver, CO, Mr. Carpenter is an active biplane pilot, brand strategist, and frequently requested speaker.

Sam Perrelli

VP Relationship Manager

First National Realty Partners

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* Why grocery-anchored commercial real estate is one of the best-performing real estate asset classes since 2020. 

* The differences between Grocery-Anchored CRE and why multi-family doesn't hold a match to grocery-anchored CRE

* How FNRP squeezes every drop of income out of their assets with a vertically-integrated, hands-on management approach

* How you can get access to our world-class, institutional-quality dealflow - available exclusively for accredited investors.